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Prestigious 6BR Villa sale Canggu Bali

Freehold: Prestigious 6BR high-end Villa, Pererenan, Canggu, Bali

This prestigious Villa is situated in the quiet & peaceful outskirts of Pererenan Canggu in close proximity to the vibrant central districts of Canggu & Seminyak.

The property was designed by a world-famous architect with an approach towards balancing the orographic condition with the local building traditions, construction practices, and materials under the shadow of a Mediterranean influence - choreographed in a dramatic collection of scenes that alternate between specific controlled views and wide panoramas that allow the mind to linger.

Prestigious 6BR Villa sale Canggu Bali

Prestigious 6BR Villa sale Canggu Bali

Prestigious 6BR Villa sale Canggu Bali

Ideal for anyone in appreciation of world-class architecture as a private residence or commercial property with guaranteed high returns.

Land size: 1550m2 (15.5are)
Land title: FREEHOLD (Hak Milik)
Certificates: IMB, Pondok Wisata (commercial rental license)
Year build: 2018
Living space: 850m2
Building: high-end on 2 levels

6 Suite Bedrooms with ensuite Bathrooms
Enclosed and Open Living, dining and lounging areas
Fully equipped high-end kitchen
Terrace with sun loungers and feature window into the 60m2 large Infinity Pool
Tropical gardens with amazing sunset views into the rice paddies.
Maid quarters & storage facilities
Parking & Security

Freehold title $2,700,000 USD equivalent to IDR 38,500,000,000 (fixed price - non negotiable)

For further questions or to schedule viewings send us a PM or email to: info@balirealestateconsultants.com

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