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Room rent Panjer montly

Casa Grazia

a newly built studio in the heart of Denpasar area.
walking distance to laundry, food stalls, shops, hairdresser.
5 mins drive to local market, 24hour minimarket, atm, sanglah, boutique, shops, kfc.
10 mins drive to renon field, level 21 mall, mcd, kfc, starbucks, universitas udayana.
15 mins drive to sanur.

Room rent Panjer montly

Fully furnished
2.7 million / monthly (1 person, 1 motorbike)
2.8 million / monthly (2 person, 1 or 2 motorbike)
2.9 million / monthly (1 - 2 person, car park)
3 million /monthly (max 2 person, car park, dispenser, stove n cooking gas)
yearly price pls pm.
Room rent Panjer montly

pay 3 months and get 5% off

wifi, water bill include

facilities :
queen bed, wardrobe, tv, ac, fridge, desk, study lamp, sofa, dining table with chairs, curtain.

location : Tukad Melangit, Panjer, Denpasar Selatan.

for more info wa 081238585**
Winda Maria

Or you may type inquiry at comment area bellow

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