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Villa daily Rental Sanur

For RENT 4 BR VILLA in SANUR from Owner

HUGE GREEN VILLA  with relaxing ubudian atmosphere In the heart of Sanur.

IDR [hidden information] per a Year

For more INFO contact owner

Villa daily Rental Sanur

By CALL/WA/SMS +6285777108888 Ida Bagus Gede Arthana (IBGA)

Land Size 600 m2

Building Size 300 m2

Swimming Pool 9*3,5 m
Villa daily Rental Sanur

Spacious Huge Modern Open Space 4 bedroom Villa in Sanur, Bali.

Designed in natural Balinese style with Alang Alang Roof, with lush green garden and a big swimming pool with natural stone, big living area.

Four separate standing bungalows with stunningly beautiful and comfortable bedrooms with in suite bathrooms with both closed bathtub (terasso) and open shower.

The Villa is fully furnished, AC, TV, WiFi, water heater, fridge. Garage, possible for 2 cars.

Strategically location in Jl Batur Sari 64a, Sanur in villas area. Just in front of Scoebi-do Preschool.  It is perfect for self-occupancy or for rent daily/weekly/monthly. Because of Villa central location very easily can be used for Office, sharing working space, etc.

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