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Villa sale Babakan Bali

Located within a tranquil Balinese village of Babakan, this villa is only a 15 minutes drive to Batu Bolong. The surrounding is calm, secure, and only 30 minutes to Green School.

 Its location also has easy access to shops and restaurants in Canggu. This makes it perfect for a family home or yearly rental business.

Villa sale Babakan Bali

This 3-bedroom villa is set on 340 sqm of land, however, only 150 sqm is used for the structure. The main building has a unique, modern Joglo design. It has two bedrooms on each side, both of which have ensuite bathrooms. Meanwhile, the living, dining, and kitchen area are in the middle.

Villa sale Babakan Bali

The third bedroom is on a separate unique Gladak house complete with its own bathroom. The structure has multiple windows on all sides allowing for plenty of natural light. The rest of the property is made of well-kept gardens and grass along with a swimming pool. There are also plenty of shaded, outdoor seating areas to enjoy the Bali atmosphere.

The property also comes with a storage room and parking for a car and motorbike. The villa is for sale at IDR 3,025,000,000 (USD 215,000)and comes fully furnished with a lease valid until September 2043.

sumber : https://sevenstonesindonesia.com/properties/3-bedroom-leasehold-villa-in-babakan-canggu/

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