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Bamboo House Rental Bali

Wonderful, cozy Eco bamboo house, built with love, fully equipped with everything for a comfortable stay. Bamboo House Rental Bali
Located in a closed area of 4 villas.
The house has 2 bedrooms. Kitchen, dining room + living room on the open terrace. And incredible bathroom

A large sandbox with white sand is made for your children in the garden.They will be very happy to spend time there.
Also we have organic garden where you can grow vegetables and herbs.
The house located in Batu bulan close to Bali Bird Park on rice fields, a 5-minute drive from the many large stores of food, clothes and souvenirs, to the lokal market about three minutes.

Bamboo House Rental Bali

The area is located approximately midway between Sanur (8 km) and Ubud (12 km).
So that the road to the beach with no waves you will not take more than 15 minutes.
Surfer Beach is 6 km away
At 10 minutes there is a huge public swimming pool.
Prior to the "Green School" 15-minute drive.
The house is very comfortable. Most of the construction and finishing work is done with his own hands, which means that with love.
WiFi, hot water, car parking available.
We have a garden cleaning and cleaning house every day.

The rental price includes garden cleaning, daily housecleaning, WiFi, electricity, water, garbage collection.

Price for rent:
Daily - 350k
Weekly - 2,3 mln
Month - 7,5 mln
3 months - 21 mln

đź‘ŤAvailable for lease till May 2031.
Price - 40.000 usd

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