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Room Rental Monthly Bali Cheap

Apartments in an excellent villa with big pool and kitchen near the beach. Bali is known as a beautiful tourist destination in all around the world , own a property in Bali is a must .

Renovated villa, spacious and clean, green area and good location, 10 minutes walk to the beach.
Villa is family-friendly, without drunks, parties and noise.

Large pool, shared kitchen and 2 dining and working areas, closed territory with parking, Internet 2 channels 50 Mbps each.

Room Rental Monthly Bali Cheap

There are 4 apartments with separate entrances, private bathrooms, air conditioning and workplaces:

1. Spacious family room with a double bed, a sofa bed and a den with a single bed.
Smart tv, safe-box, Jacuzzi and outdoor shower.
4.500.000 per month.

2. Room with personal kitchen. Double bed and sofa bed. Smart TV, safe-box, shower and patio.
5.000.000 per month.

3. Spacious room with panoramic windows and a huge balcony in the tower. Double bed and sofa bed. Smart TV, safe-box, Jacuzzi and shower.
5.000.000 per month.

4. Cozy room with a balcony above the pool. Double bed. Smart TV, safe-box, outdoor shower.
4.000.000 per month.

Weekly housekeeping with linen and towels, daily cleaning of common areas and pool maintenance.
Electricity is included.
Room Rental Monthly Bali Cheap

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