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Villa sale Sanur Bali


Land sze is almost 9,82 are, hak milik, almost finished renovation, just little bit painting and installation of new Airco's.

Building from 2011. All with IMB.

Villa sale Sanur Bali

Listrik +/_ 17.000 watt.

Swimming pool 10m by 4m.

1 master building with 1 br, 1 integrated kitchen in living room , 2 room pembantu, another big kitchen for daily cooking , fitness room, dressing next to bedroom, bathroom with bathtub, rainbow shower, toilet and outside shower.

Second building with 4 full integrated apartments, living room with full kitchen, bedroom and ensuite bathrooms.

Third building can be used for office area, multi purpose.

2 big garage for 5 cars together.

2 certificates SHM, and NJOP OK, IMB OK.  All docs OK

Opening price 14,5 M IDR. In this price the owner is offering full furnished (now only partial). Or reduce the price with 500 m IDR.
Location: Jl. Tunggak Bingin, Blok J nr 7, Sanur

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