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Spa Place for sale Jimbaran Bali

Owner directly sale,and u can also use it as the bubble hotel to post on airbnb.
This is a very dreamy spa, located in a mango forest in jimbaran, near jl.goagong. It has a natural style and has just been opened for business in less than 3 months.

Spa Place for sale Jimbaran Bali

 It covers a total of 1,300 square meters and has a total of 9 independent privacy areas,18 massage beds.

Each area is separated from each other by bamboo fence wall, each area has a bubble house made of 2 bubbles, and the bubble house is made of fully transparent import PVC material (inside the each bubble house with toilet, stand AC, bathtub and two massage beds), each area contains a heart-shaped swimming pool with floating high tea trays and full set of tablewares,there are bamboo swings, bamboo hammocks and outdoor bamboo showers in each 9 area. 

The spa hall is equipped with a central gas hot water system, cold water comes from independently mined wells, and 380v power is supplied. The lobby, staff room, laundry room and public toilets are all made of bamboo, full of original and artistic flavor.

The land rent of the spa is 2 years. At present, there is still a year and a half of land rent.Renew the lease half a year in advance.

The spa owner's other business moved to other countries, so the spa will be sold , The price is very reasonable. Interested please contact pme m or whatsapp: +62822371294**
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