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Villa Rental at Penestanan Available

The best property in Ubud , Bali. 2 bedroom house with pool and view now available in Penestanan for monthly or yearly rental. 

Villa Rental at Penestanan Available 

This clean and bright 2 floor, 2 bedroom house is located just 2 minutes from cafe Vespa and is immediately accessible from the main road and has direct car access and car parking.

Enclosed, air conditioned kitchen and living room as well as master bedroom and bathroom with bathtub on the main level. An additional bedroom and bathroom on the lower level.

Price is just 15,000,000 per month or 160,000,000/year. Pool, maintenance, garden maintenance and part time housekeeping is included in the rent.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us by fill in the form at Comment area

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